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A Research Associate is an employee who is continuing training after the receipt of the doctorate and is funded from a principal investigator’s grant funds or other sources rather than from fellowship funds. Browse Research Associate (Postdoc) Training.
A Research Intern is an employee who typically is continuing training after receipt of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

This listing does not include all Research Intern vacancies at UW–Madison. These positions are not required to be posted here, but this website is offered as an aid to both departments and applicants. This listing will be updated once a week to add new vacancies.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires the University to verify the identity and work authorization of the successful applicant. Any offer of employment is contingent upon verification. The University of Wisconsin is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

Position Department Deadline
Research Intern Medicine Dec 1 2017

Requirements: Bachelor's degree required; Biology or any related field Undergraduate research experience or internship, or experience as a technician running the day-to-day operations of a biomedical laboratory preferred. Experience with DNA cloning and maintaining a mouse colony is highly desirable. This position can begin starting January 1 or sooner and may extend for one year after hire with the possibility of renewal depending on performance. Applications should include curriculum vitae with contact information for two to three references and cover letter with a brief summary of research interests.

Job Duties: The candidate will be responsible for facilitating the research program of Dr. Dudley Lamming in the Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. Dr. Lamming's research focuses on the roles of specific proteins in the biology of age-related diseases such as diabetes, and whether targeting these protein pathways might be of potential use in the treatment of diabetes and aging-related diseases. Specific duties include: 1. Work with Dr. Lamming and other laboratory members to conduct high quality research. Principle duties will include nucleic acid extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, cell culture, mouse phenotyping, and general lab maintenance. 2. Assist with maintenance of mouse colony, including husbandry (breeding, weaning, mouse identification), genotyping, and record keeping/database maintenance. 3. Assist Dr. Lamming with research-related tasks such as bio-safety committee, Research Animal Review Committee (RARC), and institutional review board (IRB) applications/documentation, and maintaining fiscal and granting agency records. 4. Manage research budgets; maintain inventory of supplies; submit requests for price quotations and generate price comparisons for the PI; order new supplies and equipment; maintain equipment. 5. Supervise, orient, coordinate and manage undergraduate research assistants (student hourly position holders) hired to assist with research projects. 6. Prepare research protocols, training manuals and forms under Dr. Lamming's direction. 7. Assist Dr. Lamming in administrative duties related to the laboratory and research conducted. 8. Miscellaneous job duties as assigned.

Begin Date: January 1, 2018 or earlier
Percent Time: 100%
Salary: $28,595

Dr. Dudley Lamming, PhD
2500 Overlook Terrace, VAH C3127 Research 151, Madison, WI 53705
608-256-1901 x12861

Research Intern Biochemistry Dec 1 2017

Requirements: The Venturelli lab is recruiting motivated a motivated research intern in several areas of microbial systems and synthetic biology. Areas of interest include ecological systems biology of the human gut microbiota, molecular basis of microbial interactions including metabolite interchange, design of genetic circuits for realizing novel functions in complex environments and microfluidic platforms to probe spatiotemporal behaviors of microbial systems. A B.S. or B.S.E. in biosciences or engineering is required.

Job Duties: The Venturelli lab leverages experiment and computational modeling to investigate the evolutionary design principles of microbial systems across multiple scales spanning intracellular networks to microbial communities. Biological and engineering design rules will be exploited to design genetic circuits for realizing novel functions in complex environments. Our research combines multiplexed measurements of single cells and populations with concepts from engineering and dynamical systems for systems-level characterization and design.

Start Date: 9/1/2017
Percent Time: 100%
Salary: $28,595

Veronica Pierce